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Our mission is to ensure access to education for all people throughout their lives with special effort made to seek diversity of population and to support the historically underserved.

Alabama International College admits on a first come first served basis. All students who meet the established admission criteria will be admitted without regard to the applicant’s race, color, disability, sex, religion, creed, national origin, or age.

The Office of Admissions/ Registrar is the first stop for students who desire to enter the college. All students will need to complete an electronic application for admittance and other necessary documents for acceptance into the college. For a detailed list of steps to complete the enrollment process, visit the Admission Requirements page or refer to a printable version of the Registration Steps (PDF). 

The Office of Admissions/ Registrar coordinates the graduation activities, as well as requests for transcripts for current and former students.

Academic Transcripts Policy

The transcript policy of the College includes the following:

  1. In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the College does not release student records except upon the student’s written and signed request or via an online electronic request through the student’s Banner self-service account.

  2. Official transcripts are sent to institutions, companies, agencies, etc. after the student has completed an online electronic request through the student’s Banner self-service account. NOTE: transcripts will not be faxed to an individual or a receiving institution.

  3. Official transcripts will be accepted when delivered “by hand”. The transcript must be official and in a sealed envelope with the seal unbroken. The College reserves the right to deny hand delivered transcripts if the seal is broken.

  4. Official transcripts not released specifically to institutions, companies, agencies, etc. will be stamped “ISSUED TO STUDENT.” Students should be aware that the receiving party has the right to decline the transcript stamped “ISSUED TO STUDENT.”

  5. Transcript requests should be made at least one week before the transcripts are needed. Processing times will be longer at the start and end of each term.

  6. Transcripts will not be issued for persons who have financial obligations to the College.

  7. All students will need to contact the Office of Admissions/ Registrar for transcript processing instructions.

  8. The Office of Admissions/ Registrar does not issue or reproduce transcripts from other institutions. Request for transcripts or work taken at other institutions must be directed to the institution concerned.


Admission Schedule

Students are admitted at the beginning of each of the three academic semesters in all programs. The Fall Semester begins in August, the Spring Semester in January and the Summer Semester in May. All new students should check with the Office of Admissions/ Registrar for specific dates in that they vary from year to year. New students must submit all required documents for admissions to the Office of Admissions/ Registrar.


Change of Major

Students who wish to change to another program of study must complete the Change of Major form. Students can complete the form online or pick up a physical copy from their department advisor and submit it to the Office of Admissions/Registrar.

Change of major requests here.


Withdrawal From Class/College

Students who are contemplating withdrawal from a class or the College should first consult with their academic advisor. If after meeting with the advisor the student still wants to withdraw from a class or the College, then he/she/they should complete the online Withdrawal Form.

Withdrawal requests here.

If the withdrawal from school is within 2 weeks after the start of class, the student may be due a tuition refund (see Refund Policy under the Policies and Procedures section of the catalog).

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure notification of withdrawal is received by the Office of Admissions/ Registrar. Failure to submit the completed withdrawal form to The Office of Admissions/ Registrar may result in a grade of “F” for each course in which the student is registered.

Students who withdraw after the registration period will have each of their courses recorded as “W”. W’s are not used in grade point calculations.

Any veteran who withdraws from school may be required to repay in full to the Veteran Administration benefits received that semester up to the time of withdrawal. Any student who receives Financial Assistance should notify the Financial Aid Office before withdrawing from school.

To Contact Admissions,

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